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Protein Kinase Information : List of Protein Kinase
# NAME Sp aa ACC# Name/Notes Group Family aa CHR location Homology (AA:AA unless indicated)
1 AKT h H NP 005154 RACa h  (AKT) AGC AKT 480 14q32.3 (OMIM)  
2 AKT2 h H AAA36585 RACb h; PKBb; AKT2 AGC AKT 520 19q13.1-13.2 (Factsbook)  
3 AKT3 h H NP 005456 RACg h; AKT3 AGC AKT 479 NA 43aa RAC g r 95% RACa h 85%
4 PDK1 h H NP 0026204 PDK1, PKB AGC AKT 556 16p13.3 (gene list) 262aa PKACb h 39%; PKCa 38%; Racb h 39%
5   PK428 h H NP 003598 PK428 h, MRCK r; mytonic dystrophy kinase Cdc42-bind AGC DMPK 496 1q41-42 (ref UI: 97248557 ) DMPK2 h 98%; MRCKb r 76%
6 CITRON-K M AAC27933 Citron Kinase, Nature 394; 491-494 (1998) AGC DMPK 1641 NA  
7 DMPK h H Q09013 Myotonic dystrophy (MTPK), DMK, MT-PK, DM-KINASE AGC DMPK 639 19q13.3 (gene list)  
8 DMPK2 h H CAA73006 DMPK2 h AGC DMPK 289 11q13 (entrez 2217968) 288aa MRCK r 74%; PK428 h 73%; MRCKb r 71%
9 MRCKb h H NP 006026 MRCKb h, CDC42BP, myotonic dystrophy kinase-related CDC42-binding protein kinase beta, Genghis Khan dm AGC DMPK 1711 NA 135aa  MRCKb r 100%; PK428 h 88%
10 p160 ROCK2 h H NP 004841 p160 ROCK2 h AGC DMPK 1388 NA 135aa p160ROCK m 94%
11 ROCK1 h H NP 005397 Rho-assoc coiled-coil kinase 1 AGC DMPK 1354 NA  
12   GRKpsu h H psu GRKpsu h AGC GRK na NA  
13   RHODK h  H NP 002920 Rhodopsin kinase, RHOK, GRK1 AGC GRK 563 13q34 (gene list)  
14 BARK1A h H NP 001610 BARK1A h AGC GRK 689 11q13 (GDB Gene List)  
15 BARK2 h H CAA48870 BARK2 h AGC GRK 688    
16 GRK4 h H AAC50406 GRK4 h, GPRK4 AGC GRK 578 4p16.3 (gene list)  
17 GRK5 h H AAA58620 GRK5 h AGC GRK 590 10q24-10qter (gene list)  
18 GRK6 h H AAA60175 GRK6 h AGC GRK 576 5q35-5qter (gene list)  
19 GRK7 sq SQ AF063016 GRK7 G protein-coupled receptor kinase AGC GRK 548   258/526 (49%) GRK6 h
20  KIAA0303 h H 2224547 KIAA0303, MAST205 AGC MAST 2137 5q12 (U) KIAA0303 h 100% MAST205 m 91%
21 KIAA0561 h H BAA25487 KIAA0561, R32140 1 AGC MAST 1308 19p13.2 (E) 274aa KIAA0303 h 90%; MAST205 m 90%
22 SAST h H BAA76817 KIAA0973, SAST, syntrophin-associated STK, AF077818 m AGC MAST 1583    
23   MNK1 h H NP 003675 MNK1, MAPK interacting kinase, MAP kinase-activated protein kinase AGC MNK 424 1p31.1-32.3 (U)  
24   MNK2 h H AAD21217 MNK2 AGC MNK 472 19ptel (U)  
25 I38214 h H CAA80911 34aa PCR frag AGC MNK 34 NA 34aa MNK1 82%
26   KIAA0151 h H BAA09772 KIAA0151 AGC   716 1q31 (U) 372aa IKKb h & IKKa h 27%; ULK h 31%
27 T2K M AF145705 T2K protein kinase homolog AGC   729   351/717 (48%)  KIAA0151 h; 98/356 (27%) IKKb h
28 TEST1 H est TEST1, AAADYRP, KIAA0151-like AGC     NA 53aa KIAA0151 86%; M03C11.1 ce 42%
29 NDR h H CAA84485 NDR AGC NDR 465 6p21.1-p21.3 (U)  
30 WART1 h H NP 004681 WART1, lats1 h AGC NDR 1130 6q22.3 (U)  
31 WART2 h H SUGEN WART2 h AGC NDR   12p13.1-13.3  
32   PKX1 h H P51817 PKX1 AGC PKA 358 Xp22.3 272aa PRKY h 92%;  DC2 dm 62%; PKACb h 55%
33 PKACa h H CAA30597 PKACa AGC PKA 351 19p13.1 (gene list)  
34 PKACb h H AAA60170 PKACb AGC PKA 351 1p36.1 (gene list)  
35 PKACg h H AAC41690 PKACg AGC PKA 360  9q13  
36 PKA-Cxpsu M psu PKA-Cxpsu AGC PKA   M  
37 PRKXpsu h H psu PRKXpsu h  Pseudogene AGC PKA na 15q26 140aa PKX1 h 75%; DC2 dm
38 PRKY h H 2695984 PRKX, PRKY, PKX1-like AGC PKA 277 Yp11.2 (E)  
39 CAB43292 h H CAB43292 PKCmu? DKFZp586E0820, Contig w AA290809 AGC PKC 542 19q13.1-q13.3 (U) PKC mu  87.3% good seq
40 EPK2 h H NP 005804 PKD h EPK2, PKCnu, a new member of the protein kinase C family, composes a fourth subfamily with PKC&mgr;1 AGC PKC 890    
41 EPK2 m M est EPK2 h1 (AB015982) EPK2, PKCnu, a new member of the protein kinase C family, composes a fourth subfamily with PKC&mgr;1 AGC PKC na M 109aa 97% EPK2 h 328bp 91%
42 PCKl h H AAA60100 PKC lambda AGC PKC 682 14 (U)  
43 PKCa h H CAA36718 PKC alpha AGC PKC 672 17q24.3 (G) 17q22-17q23.2 (g list)  
44 PKCb h H CAA30130 PKC beta AGC PKC 673 16p12.1 (G)  
45 PKCd h H BAA01381 PKC delta AGC PKC 626 3p14.3 (U)  
46 PKCe h H CAA46388 PKC epsilon AGC PKC 737 NA  
47 PKCg h H CAA78820 PKC gamma AGC PKC 536 19q13.4 (gene list)  
48 PKCi h H AAB17011 PKC iota AGC PKC 587 Xq21.3 (gene list iota)  
49 PKCm h H CAA53384 PKC mu AGC PKC 912 14q11.2-12 (U)  
50 PKCt h H AAA75571 PKC theta AGC PKC 706 10p15 (gene list)  
51 PKCz h H CAA78813 PKC zeta AGC PKC 584 1p36.3 (U)  
52 PKD m M CAA84283 PKD AGC PKC 918 M 918aa PKCmu h 92%
53 PRK1 h H I53327 PRK1, PKN, DBK, PRK1.1 AGC PKC 942 19p12-13.1 (U) 942aa PRK1 h (PKN) 59%
54 PRK2 h H AAB33346 PRK2 AGC PKC 984 1p31.1 (G) 262cR from top 942aa PRK1 h (PKN) 59%
55 Z25429 H CAA80916 SETHKNI (I38219) AGC PKC 67 NA 164aa PKCmu h 93%: 58aa I38219 h 100%
56 CGK h H CAA68810 CGMP1, PKG h, KGPB h, CGK, PRKG1 (was CGK h) CGMP-DEPENDENT PROTEIN KINASE, BETA ISOZYME AGC PKG 686 10q11.2 (gene list)  
57 cGMPk h H BAA08297 PRKG2 AGC PKG 671 4q13.1-4q21.1 (gene list)  
58 cGMPKII h H NP 006250 cGMPKII AGC PKG 762 4q21.1-q21.2 (U) 145aa cGMPKPh 100%
59 AAD30182 H AAD30182 5/13/1999 - Genomic AGC S6K 549   RSK3 m 71/172 (41%) & 42/143 (29%)
60 MSK1 h H NP 004746 MSK1 h, RSK-like protein kinase RLPK, nuclear mitogen- and stress-activated protein kinase-1 AGC S6K 809 NA 153aa S6K h 61%; T01H8.1b  ce 62%
61 MSK2 h H NP 003933 MSK2 h, RSK-B, mitogen- and stress-activated protein kinase-2, ribosomal protein S6 kinase, 90kD, polypeptide 4 AGC S6K 772 Xp22 (Entrez) 710aa MSK1 h 71%; RSK3 h 43%
62 p70S6K h H AAA36410 p70S6KaII h AGC S6K 525 17q23.1-17q24.1 (G)  
63 p70S6Kb h H NP 003943 p70S6 kinase b, p70 ribosomal S6 kinase beta, SRK, RPS6KB2 AGC S6K 495    
64 RSK1 h H CAA59427 RSK h; S6K2 AGC S6K 733 3pter-3qter (gene list)  
65 RSK2 h H AAA81952 RSK2 h; ISPK-1 (insulin-stimulated)  S6KII-a, p90RSK2 AGC S6K 740 Xp21.3-22.1 (Entrez) Chr1, 94.8cR (U)  
66 RSK3 h H AAC82497 RSK3 h, ribosomal protein S6 kinase 3 m, p90 S6 kinase r AGC S6K 735 6q27 (gene list)  
67 MAST205 m M AAC04312 MAST205 m AGC SGK 1734 M 274aa - AB002301 h 91%
68 SGK h H CAA71138 SGK AGC SGK 431 6q21-q22.1 431aa SGK r 96%; W10G6.2 ce 52%; AKT m 46%
69  A6 h H A55922 A6 tyrosine kinase Atypical A6 350 12 (U) 350aa A6 m (U82324) 94%; U46668 ce 31%; YGR080w sc 26%
70 EEF-2K H O00418 Elongation factor kinase, Myosin heavy chain kinase Atypical MHCK 725    
71 BCKDK h H NP 005872 BCKDK, branched chain alpha-ketoacid dehydrogenase kinase Atypical PDK 412    
72 PDK1 h H Q15118 PDK1, pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase isoenzyme 1 Atypical PDK 436    
73 PDK2 h H NP 002602 PDK2, pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase isoenzyme 2 Atypical PDK 407    
74 PDK3 h H NP 005382 PDK3, pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase isoenzyme 3 Atypical PDK 406    
75 PDK4 h H NP 002603 PDK4, pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase isoenzyme 4 Atypical PDK 411    
76 BCR h H P11274 Domains=PH, C2, GAP (for p21-Rac) Atypical Unique 1271 22q11  
77 FAST h H I37386 FAST, fas-activated STK (substrate=TIA1) Atypical Unique 549 7q32-q36 (EST=AI126915) 232aa CPR2 h 30%
78   GS3955 h  H BAA13250 GS3955 CAMK AMPK 343 2p23-p22 (U) 226aa GS3955 h (D87119) 100%;  AJ000480 h 71%;   PK38 m 32%
79   PK38 h H BAA11492 PK38 h, MELK m CAMK AMPK 651 9q11 (U) KIAA0175 h 100% PK38 m 99% AMPKa1 r 49%
80  AMPKa1 h H NP 006242 AMPKa1 CAMK AMPK 550 5p14-5p11 (gene list) 131aa AMPKa1 r 98%  AMPK h 89%
81 AJ006701 h H CAA04119 AJ006701 h, PEN11B h, F15A2.6 ce? CAMK AMPK 224 11p15 444aa AJ006701 h, 97% (1950bp 99%); F15A2.6 ce48%; YKL101W sc 42%
82 AMPK2 h H 726313 AMPK2, AAK2 CAMK AMPK 108 NA  
83 AMPKa2 h H AAA64745 AMPKa2 CAMK AMPK 552 1p31 (gene list)  
84 AUF1 h  H NP 002129 AUF1, AU-rich RNA binding protein CAMK AMPK 286 NA 440 naAUF1 h 95%; PK38 m/Melk 38%
85 NIPK R AB020967 NIPK induced by NGF-depletion CAMK AMPK 349   155/290 (53%) GS3955 h
86 U13258 M est ink76 m partial GB 1994 CAMK AMPK   M 64aa - AMPKa h   84.4%;
87 AL049688 H CAB41259 Ca2+/Calmodulin dependent Protein Kinase LIKE protein, CAA19296.1 h, BAA19880 r CAMK CAMK 481    
88 CaMKI h H Q14012 CAMK1 CAMK CAMK 370 3p24.2-p21.3 (U) 314aa CaMKIb2 r 69%; CaMKIV h 49%
89 CaMKIb2 h H BAA19879 r CAMK1b2 CAMK CAMK 342 NA 161 aa CAMKIb2 r 97%, 480 bp 89%
90 CaMKIIa h H BAA76812 CaMKIIa CAMK CAMK 527 NA 90aa CaMKIIa m 100% in C-term
91 CaMKIIb h H AAD03743 CaMKIIb h CAMK CAMK 517 22q12 (LocusLink) 169aa CAMKIIb m  99.4%
92 CaMKIId h H AAD20442 CaMKIId h CAMK CAMK 499 NA 155aa CKII delta 2 r 99%
93 CaMKIIg h H B46619 CaMKIIg (+isoforms) CAMK CAMK 518 10q22 (LocusLink)  
94 CAMKL h H AAA16633 r Calmodulin-BP r (I56542), 1G5 CAMK CAMK 504 NA 60aa Calmod bind r (I56542 r), 100%;  90aa CAMKI h 42%
95 CAMKL1 h H NP 004725 KIAA0369, CPG16 r, doublecortin (lissencephalin-X; LISX ) and CaM kinase-like 1, AL110501 ce CAMK CAMK 729 13q13 (U) 281aa CAMK1 h 46%
96 CASK h H AAA64745 CASK, CASK-B, lin-2, CAMGUK CAMK CAMK 897 Xp11.4 (LocusLink) 268aa CASKb m 100%  CAMKIId r 48%
97 CHK2 h H AAC83693 CHK2 h w FHA domain, HuCds CAMK CHK2 543   CaMK, 21/32 (65%)
98 DAPK h H CAA53712 DAPK h CAMK DAPK 1431 9q34.1 (gene list)  
99 DAPKRP1 h H AAC35001 DAPKRP1 CAMK DAPK 370 NA 123aa DAPK h 78%; 78%na to N23936
100 DRAK1 H NP 004751 DRAK1, related to death-associated protein kinase that trigger apoptosis CAMK DAPK 414 7p11.1-q11.1 (U) 107aa DAPK h 47% SUGEN 8/3/98 GB:11/5/98
101 DRAK2 h H NP 004217 DRAK2, related to death-associated protein kinase that trigger apoptosis CAMK DAPK 372 NA 81%na to AA538060 m, SUGEN:7/23/98, GB:11/5/98
102 ZIP h H BAA24817 LZK, ZIP, DAPK3 CAMK DAPK 966 19p13.3 (LocusLink)  
103   KIAA0135  h H BAA09484 KIAA0135 CAMK EMK 1241 2q34-q37.2 (U) 263aa KIAA0135 h 100%  YAL017W sc 39%  TAK 35%
104  KIAA0096 h H BAA07744 KIAA0096 h CAMK EMK 527 3p22.1 (G) 34aa KIAA0096 h 76% (SNF1 r)
105 C-TAK1 H AAC15093 C-TAK1, MARK3, Kp78, cTAK75a CAMK EMK 729 14q32.1-32.3 (U)  
106 EMK h H CAA66229 EMK h, ELKL motif kinase 1, KEM m, MARK2 r CAMK EMK 745 11q12-11q13 (gene list)  
107 KIAA0537 h H BAA25463 KIAA0537 h human orthologue of B04496 ce CAMK EMK 661 12q22 (U) 84 aa B0496 ce 64%,60 aa p78 h 55%
108 KIAA0999 H BAA76843 KIAA0999 CAMK EMK 1102   86/310 (60%) MSK m/SIK r
109 MAK-V h H AF055919 MAK-V m (AF055919), R25-38-5 m CAMK EMK 714 m 21q11.1 (AP000036) 300aa MAK-V m >91%; SPCC74 sp 48%; TAK1 h 31%
110 MARK1 h H CAB06294 MARK1 r CAMK EMK 793 r NA 181aa TAK1 h 90%, 492bp MARK1 r 91%
111 MSK m M Q60670 MSK, HRT-20, Myocardial SNF1-like kinase CAMK EMK 481 M 80aa  p78 h 60% 
112 SNRK h H CAA61563 SNRK h CAMK EMK 746 r NA SNRK r  >98% SNF-related
113 MAPKAPK2 h H P49137 MAPKAPK2, MKK2 CAMK MAPKAP 370 1q32.1-q32.2 (G)  
114 MAPKAPK3 h H AAD09136 MAPKAPK3, 3PK CAMK MAPKAP 382 3p21.3 (G)  
115 MAPKAPK5 h H NP 003659 MAPKAPK5, PRAK, PRK CAMK MAPKAP 471 12q22 (U) 132aa MAPKAP2 h 50%;  MAPKAPK3 h 44%; CAMK4 h 39%
116   MLCK h  H AAC18423 MLCK CAMK MLCK 1914 3q13.3 (U)  
117 MLCKs R AAA41625 Myosin LCK skel muscle CAMK MLCK 610 r   99aa MLCK rat 97%
118 Titin h H NP 003310 Titin CAMK MLCK 26926 2q31 (E)  
119 PHKG1 h H Q16816 PHKG1, phosphorylase kinase gamma 1 CAMK PHK 387 7p12-7q21 (gene list) 271aa - PHKG1-Testis h 71% Exact to skel mus form
120 PHKgT h H P15735 PHKgT, PHKG2, PSK-C3, phosphorylase kinase gamma 2 CAMK PHK 406  16p12.1-p11.2  (U) 372aa PHKG1 h 64%; CAMKI r 39%
121 PSK-H1 h H 406242 PSK-H1 CAMK PHK 319 NA  
122   Trio h  H 1353703 Trio CAMK Trio 2861 5p15.1-p14 (ref Taviaux) Trio h 100% DAPK1 h 42%
123 TRAD h H BAA76314 TRAD; Duet is a novel STK with dbl- (DH) and pleckstrin- (PH) domains (3/99) CAMK Trio 1289 NA 1203aa Trio h ~50% SUGEN 9/2/98 GB:3/24/99
124 KIAA0369 h H BAA20824 KIAA0369 h  CPG16 CAMK Unique 729 13q13 (U) KIAA0369  h CAMKI h 47%
125   CKIg2 h  H AAB88627 CKIg2, Casein Kinase 1 gamma 2 h CKI CKI 415 19p13.3 (gene list)  
126 CKIa h H AAC41760 casein kin 1 alpha CKI CKI 337 13q13 (gene list)  
127 CKId h H AAC50807 casein kin 1 delta CKI CKI 415 17q25.2-17q25.3 (gene list)  
128 CKIe h H AAC41761 casein kin 1 epsilon CKI CKI 416 22q12-22q13 (gene list)  
129   KKIAMRE h H AAC50918 KKIAMRE, p56 CMGC CDK 493 NA 308aa KKILARE h 58%; PISSLRE h 38%
130 CAK h H P50613 CAK, CDK7, Mo15, STK1, p39 CMGC CDK 346 2p15-cen (LocusLink) 290aa CDK3 h 46%
131 CCRK h H AAC98920 CCRK cell cycle related kinase CMGC CDK 452 NA 462aa CCRK h (AF035013) 99%, 1331bp 98%; CDK3 h 44%
132 CDC2 h H P06493 CDC2, MPF, M-phase kinase, CDK1 CMGC CDK 297 10q21.1 (U)  
133 CDK2 h H AAA35667 CDK2 CMGC CDK 298 12q13 (gene list)  
134 CDK3 h H Q00526 CDK3 CMGC CDK 305 17q22-qter (LocusLink)  
135 CDK4 h H P11802 CDK4, PSK-J3 CMGC CDK 303 12q13.2-q13.3 (U) 12q14 (LocusLink)  
136 CDK5 h H Q00535 CDK5, PSSALRE, TPKII (Tau protein kinaseII) CMGC CDK 291 7q36 (gene list)  
137 CDK6 h H Q00534 CDK6, PLSTIRE CMGC CDK 326 7q21.1-q21.3 (U)  
138 CDK8 h H CAA59754 CDK8 h CMGC CDK 464 13q12 (gene list)  
139 CHED h H AAA58424 CHED, cdc2-related CMGC CDK 418 NA 320aa PITALRE h 46%; CDK3 h 43%
140 KIAA0904 H BAA74927 KIAA0904 (2/20/99) CHED! Novel CMGC CDK 997 NA 201 aa CHED h 90%
141 KKILARE h H CAA47002 KKILARE h CMGC CDK 358 NA 308aa KKIAMRE h 58%; CDK3 h 43%
142 PCTAIRE1 h H S22747 PCTAIRE1 h CMGC CDK 496 Xp11.3-Xp11.23 (gene list)  
143 PCTAIRE2 h H S22746 PCTAIRE2 h CMGC CDK 523 NA  
144 PCTAIRE3 h H CAA47005 PCTAIRE3 h CMGC CDK 380 1q31-1q32 (gene list)  
145 PFTAIRE h H BAA74857 PFTAIRE1 h G20041, KIAA0834 CMGC CDK 451 7q21-22 (gene list) 218aa PFTAIRE1 m 99% 708bp 91%PFTAIRE m (95%)
146 PISSLRE h H S49330 PISSLRE, PK2J, CDK10 CMGC CDK 360 16q24 (LocusLink)  
147 PITALRE h H AAA58424 PITALRE, C-2K, CDK9, P-TEFb kinase CMGC CDK 418 9q34.1 (LocusLink) 320aa CHED 47%
148 PITSLREa2 h H P21127 PITSLREa2-1,2,3,4,a1,b; PBETA21,22; P58/GTA; p58clk-1, galactosyltransferase-associated kinase CMGC CDK 439 4p14-p15.1 (U)  
149 STK9 H NP 003150 STK9, novel sSTK from the Xp22 region CMGC CDK 1030 Xp22  
150 CLK1 h H AAA61480 CLK1, CLK1-136, cdc2-cdc28-like CMGC CLK 484 NA  
151 CLK2 h H AAC51817 L29218 CMGC CLK 499 1q21 (LocusLink)  
152 CLK3 h H AAA61484 CLK3 h CMGC CLK 490 Chr.15  
153 CLK4 h H est CLK4 CMGC CLK   NA 322aa CLK4 m 98%, CLK1 h 86% see AA773376 for N-term
154 STY M A39676 STY, TF-STY, CLK1 m, nuclear dual spec kin CMGC CLK 483 NA 136aa STY m 93%; CLK1 h 78%
155 GSK3a h H AAA62432 GSK3a CMGC GSK 483 19q12-q13.4 (U)  
156 GSK3b h H AAA66475 GSK3b h CMGC GSK 420 3q13.3 (U)  
157 ERK1 h H CAA42744 ERK1, MAPK1, p44MAPK CMGC MAPK 379 16p11.2-16p11.2 (gene list)  
158 ERK2 h H CAA77753 ERK2, MAPK2, p42MAPK, 40KDAP CMGC MAPK 348 22p11.2-q11.2 (U)  
159 ERK3 h H Q16659 ERK3a, p97MAPK h, p55MAPK r CMGC MAPK 721 15q21 (ref Meloche) 464aa 61% ERK4 h; ERK2 h 45%; ERK1 h 44%
160 ERK4 h H P31152 ERK4, p63MAPK CMGC MAPK 557 18q12.3-q21.2 (U)  
161 ERK5 h H Q13164 ERK5, SAPK5, BMK1 CMGC MAPK 816 17p11.2-17q11.2 (U) 330aa ERK1 h 51%; ERK2 h 51%
162 ERK7 r R AAD12719 ERK7 r, 04-FEB-1999, SLT2 sc CMGC MAPK 546   452aa SLT2 sc 34$ 340aa ERK1 h 40%
163 JNK1a h H AAA36131 JNK1a, SAPKg CMGC MAPK 384 10q11.23 (G) D10S1754-1793 (U)  
164 JNK2 h H P45984 JNK2, JNK2a, JNK2b, SAPKa, JNK-55 CMGC MAPK 424 5q35 (OMIM)  
165 JNK3a h H AAC50101 JNK3a1, JNK3a2, SAPKb, p54b, p493F12 CMGC MAPK 422 4q21.3 (U)  
166 NLK h H AAC24499 NLK h, DRES 16 CMGC MAPK 515 m    
167 p38 h H AAA57455 p38, SAPK2a, CSBP2, Mxi2, MPK2 xl CMGC MAPK 360 6p21.1-p21.3 (U)  
168 SAPK2b h H AAB05036 SAPK2b, p38b2, p38-2 CMGC MAPK 372 NA  
169 SAPK3 h H CAA71511 SAPK3, ERK6, p38gamma CMGC MAPK 367 22q13.3 (gene list) 345aa SAPK4 h 66%; p38 h 62%
170 SAPK4 h H NP 002745 SAPK4 h, p38 delta, PRKM13, stress-activated protein kinase SAPK4 CMGC MAPK 365 NA  
171 KIAA0936 H BAA76780 KIAA0936 CMGC RCK 632    
172 MAK m M CAA47392 RCK, MAK, MRK; M35863 (exon N) CMGC RCK 622 6q22 gene list 43aa - MAK m SP:Q04859
173 MOK H BAA81688 MOK protein kinase,  homology to MRK, MAK, MAP kinases (ERK, p38, JNK/SAPK), Cdks; possesses TEY activation loop CMGC RCK 419   129/324 (39%) MHK at; 121/327 (37%) MAK m
174 RAGE4 h H AAB38087 RAGE4 h CMGC Unique 187 14q31-qtel (U) 50aa RAGE-4 h 100%   cdc2 r 40%
176 SUDD H NP 003822 sudD (suppressor of bimD6, Aspergillus nidulans) homolog (SUDD) Microbial PK RI01 519    
177 NY-REN-64   AAD42884 putative protein kinase NY-REN-64 antigen (renal-cell carcinoma), phosphorylates tyrosine, serine and threonine Other APKA at 460   111/283 (39%) APKA at (and others)
178 AIE1 m M AAC25954 AIE1 m AUR3 Other AUR 282 M 280aa AUR1 h 78%
179 AIE2 h H AAC25955 AUR3, STK13, Aik3, AIE2 Other AUR 275 19q13.4 (Lamerdin) AC005261   67aa AUR1 h 74%
180 AUR1 h H NP 004208 AUR1, ARK2 m, STK1 m Other AUR 344 17p13.1 (Plowman)  
181 AUR2 h H AAC12708 AUR2, BTAK, IAK1 m, AYK1 m, STK15 Other AUR 403 20q13.2 (Plowman)  
182 AUR1psu h H psu AUR1psuedogene Other AURps   pseudo  
183 AUR2psu h H psu AUR2 pseudogene, B59754 genomic Other AURps   pseudo  
184 BUB1 H AAB97855 BUB1 Other BUB 1085 2q11.1 (Spencer)  
185 BUBR1 h H AAC12730 BUBR1, MAD3L, SSK1, BUB1B, MAD3-like kinase, mitotic checkpoint protein kinase, AF107296 m Other BUB 1050 15q14-21 514aa BUB1 h 24%
186 GSG2 m M D87326 GSG2, expressed in testicular germ cells Other C26C2.1 ce 754   104/286 (36%) F22H10.5 ce
187 CaMKIV h H BAA04117 CaMKIV, ca/calmod-dep pk IV, CAMKK Other CAMKK 365 5q21-5q23 (gene list) 346aa U11029 ce; SSP1 sp 37%
188 CAMKKB H AAD31507 KIAA0787, CAMKKB Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase kinase beta Other CAMKK 588 12q23-q14.1 (U)  271aa CAMKIV r 68%; U11029 ce 57%
189   CHK1 h H NP 001265 CHK1 h  (checkpoint, S.pombe) homolog Other CHK 476 NA  
190 CKIIa h H AAA35503 casein kinase 2, alpha 1 Other CKII 391 20p13 (gene list) 35aa CKIIa h 83%
191 CKIIa' h H AAA51548 casein kinase 2, alpha prime Other CKII 350 16q13 (G)  
192 COT h H P41279 COT Other COT 467 Chr.10, 185.3 cR (U)  
193   DYRK2 h  H CAA73885 Dyrk2 h  Other DYRK 528 12q14 (U)  
194 DYRK1B H NP 004705 DYRK1B  dual-specificity tyrosine-(Y)-phosphorylation regulated kinase 1B Other DYRK 629   377/509 (74%) MNB h, DYRK r, DYRK1 h; 168/398 (42%) DYRK2 h
195 DYRK3 h H NP 003573 DYRK3 h  dual-specificity tyrosine-(Y)-phosphorylation regulated kinase 3 Other DYRK 553 NA Dyrk3 h 100% DYRK2 h 77%
196 DYRK4 h H CAA70488 dyrk4 Other DYRK 240 12913.3-p13.2 (U) Dyrk4 h 100% DYRK2 h 56%
197 HIPK1 h H AAC63010 HIPK1 (homeodomain-interacting kinase) see AF077658 m, nuclear body associated kinase 2a, Myak-L m, Myak-S m; similar to yeast YAK1 Other DYRK 1209 m 22p11.2-q11.2 (U) 1253 HIPK2 m 63%, HIPK3 m 46%, ANPK r 46%, PKY h 46%
198 HIPK2 m M AAC63011 HIPK2 h, G30814 (STS) see AF077659 m Other DYRK 1189 7 (E) 1253 HIPK1 m 63%
199 KIS h H CAA67021 KIS r (X98374) KIS m (Y10725) P-CIP2 (PAM COOH interacting) Other DYRK 419 r NA 148 aa Dyrk2 h 36%, MNB dm 37%
200 MNB h H BAA13110 MNB h,dual-specificity kinase, homolog of Drosophila mnb (minibrain) protein Other DYRK 754 21q22.2 (Ref)  
201 PKY h H AAC64294 PKY h AF004849, ANPK r,  DYRK6, HIPK3 m  (homeodomain-interacting protein kinase 3), NBAK3 (nuclear body associated kinase 3) Other DYRK 1215 NA 1215aa ANPK r 88%, U41015 ce  67%
202 EIF2aK h H O00418 P1/EIF-2aK, p68K, PKR, IFN-inducible RNA-dep kinase Other EIFK 725 2p21 (U) 553aa TIK m 57%;  EIF2aK r 57%
203 EIF2aK m M Q08796 EIF-2aK,TIK, p68K, 65kDa Kinase Other EIFK 724 M 553aa p68K h 57%; EIF2aK r 76%
204 PEK h H AAD19961 PEK (pancreatic eIF-2 alpha kinase);  IFN-inducible (3/12/99), PERK m (AF076681) type-I transmembrane ER-resident STK AF096835 r Other EIFK 1115 NA  57aa F46C3.1 ce 45%; p68 h 42%
205   GAK h H BAA22623 GAK, cyclinG-assoc kinase Other GAK 1311 4p16 (gene list) GAK h (D88435) 100%  GAK r 93%
206 IKKa h H AAC51671 IKK1, IKK alpha, CHUK,  Helix-loop-helix kinase Other IKK 745 10q24-q25 (gene list) 718aa IKKb h 50%; KIAA0151 h  28%
207 IKKb h H AAC51860 IKKb h, IkB kinase-b Other IKK 756 NA 190aa  IKKb h 100%  IKKa h 71%
208 ILK h H AAC16892 Beta ILK, Integrin linked kinase Other ILK 452 11p15.5-11p15.4 (gene list) ILK h 100%;  CTR1 at 28%
209 IRAK h H AAC41949 IRAK Other IRAK 712 Xq28 (gene list)  
210 IRAK2 h H NP 001561 IRAK2 interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase 2 Other IRAK 590 3p24.2-p21.3 (U) IRAK2 h 100%IRAK1 h 28%
211 IRAK-M h H AAD40879 IRAK-M, IL-1 receptor-associated-kinase-M Other IRAK 596    
212 IRE1 h H AAC25991 IRE1, bifunctional kinase/endoribonuclease (Ire1p), ERN1,  ER to nucleus signalling 1 Other IRE 977 NA 402aa YOG4 ce; IRE1 sc 41%;  54%CAMKIId r 29%; PLK1 h 26%
213   LIMK2 h H BAA08312 LIMK2 h, LIM Kinase 2 Other LIMK 638 22q12 (gene list)  
214   TESK1 h  H BAA09459 testis-specific kinase Other LIMK 626   200 aa 47% LIMK1 h
215 LIMK1 h H AAC13884 LIMK1 h Other LIMK 258 7q11.23 (OMIM)  
216 LIMK2b m M BAA24489 LIMK2b (2/23/99) LIMK2 isoform Other LIMK 617 M 601aa LIMK2 h 95%
217 TESK2 h h CAB41970 TESK2,  LIMK/TESK family of protein kinases, predominantly expressed in testis Other LIMK 555    
218 LKB1 h H Q15831 PJK, LKB1, STK1, XEEK1 xl, Peutz Jaeeger kinase Other LKB 433 19p13.3 (OMIM)  
219 DLK h H AAA67343 DLK h, ZPK Other MLK 859 12q13 (U)  
220 HH498 H AAD29632 HH498, AF116826, ankyrin repeats, MLK- like Other MLK 835   140aa C24A1.3 ce 45%
221 MLK1 m M P80192 MLK1 h (Mixed lineage kinase), JU0229 Other MLK 394 14q24.3-14q31 (gene list)  
222 MLK2 h H Q02779 MLK2, MST, I38044, S68178 Other MLK 237 19q13.2 (ref Dorow)  
223 SPRK h H AAA59859 SPRK, MLK3, PTK1, A53800 Other MLK 847 11q13.1-11q13.3 (gene list)  
224 MOS h H AAA52029 MOS h Other MOS 346 8q11 (OMIM)  
225   PIM2 h  H AAC78506 PIM2 h  Other PIM 334 Xp12-p21.1 (U)  
226 KID1 h H BAA25182 KID1 h Other PIM 605 22q13-2-qtel 146aa KID1 r 97%  PIM1 h 82%
227 PIM1 h H AAA81553 PIM1 h Other PIM 313 6p21.2 (gene list)  
228   PRK h  H AAC50637 PRK h  (FNK m) Other PLK 607 1p32.3-p31.1 (U)  
229   SNK h  H NP 006613 SNK h ,  serum-inducible kinase Other PLK 685 5q11.2 (U)  
230 PLK1 h H AAA56634 PLK1 h Other PLK 603 NA  
231 SAK h H CAA73575 SAK h Other PLK 970 4q26 (U)  
232 PRP4 h H BAA25462 PRP4h,  KIAA0536, sp|Q135351, pre-mRNA splicing kinase Other PRP4 1028 6ptel (U) 799aa F22D6.5 ce 41%; PRP4 sp 43%
233   KSR h  H AAC50354 KSR h , kinase suppressor of Ras Other RAF 635 NA  
234 ARaf h H AAA65219 ARaf h Other RAF 606 Xp11.4-p11.2  
235 BRaf h H AAA35609 BRaf (417055, 323034) Other RAF 765 7q34 (U)  
236 Raf1 h H CAA27204 Raf1 h Other RAF 648 3p25.1 (G)  
237 RAF2psu h H psu RAF2psu h Other RAF     239aa RAF1 h 66%
238 HCYP2 r R AF036537 homocysteine respondent protein HCYP2, homocysteine-respondent gene cloned from WKY VSMCs Other RIP 142   103/142 (72%) RIP3 h
239 KIAA0472 H BAA32317 KIAA0472 Other RIP 365 1q31 (U) KIAA0472 100%; RIP m 29% (Q60855); FES h 30% (P07332) (CAT domain)
240 RICK h H NP 003812 RICK h receptor-interacting serine-threonine kinase 2 containing a caspase recruitment domain Other RIP 540 M 170aa RICK h 91% ;  RIP h 37%
241 RIP h H 1236943 RIP h Other RIP 671 NA  
242 RIP3 h H AAD39005 RIP3, receptor-interacting protein 3 Other RIP 518    
243   SRPK2 h  H NP 003129 SRPK2 h  A differentially expressed SR protein-specific kinase, SFRS protein kinase 2 Other SRPK 686 7q22.1 (U)  
244 MSSK1 h H AAD01848 muscle-specific serine kinase 1 Other SRPK 533 Xq28 360aa SRPK1 m 74%,135aa U52111 h 100%, SRPK1 h 70%
245 SRPK1 h H AAA20530 SRPK h Other SRPK 655 6p21.2 (gene list)  
246   ACTR-IIB4 h H CAA54671 ACVR2B,  ACTR-IIB4 h Other STKR 512 3p22-3p21.3 (gene list) ACTR IIB4 m 99%  ACTR II h 99%
247   ALK6 h H AAC28131 ALK6, Rpk1, R6 Other STKR 502 4q22 (U)  
248 ACTR-II h H AAA35504 ACTR-II h Other STKR 513 2q21.1-q21.2 (U)  
249 ALK1 h H CAA02404 ACVRL1, Activin like, Tsr-1, R3 Other STKR 503 12q11-12q14 (gene list)  
250 ALK2 h H 2295238 ALK2, ActR-1, Tsk7L, Skr1, R1 Other STKR 509 2q22.3-q23.3  
251 ALK3 h H CAA80257 ALK3, Brk-1, Tfr11, R5, Skr5, BMPR1A Other STKR 532 10q22.3 (Locuslink)  
252 ALK4 h H CAA80258 ALK4, ActR-1B, R2, SKR2-1, SKR2-2 Other STKR 505 12q11-13.2 (U)  
253 ALK5 h H AAA16073 TGFbetaR1, TbR-1, R4, RPK2 Other STKR 503 9q33-9q34.1 (gene list)  
254 ALK7 r H AAC52919 ALK7, STKR6.22 Other STKR 493    
255 C14 R CAA50731 C14, MISIIR r Other STKR 557 R  
256 MISRII h H AAC50328 MISRII h Other STKR 573 12q12-13.2 (U)  
257 T-ALK h H CAA88759 T-ALK h Other STKR 1038 2q33-q34 (LocusLink)  
258 TGFbRII h H BAA09332 TGFbRII h Other STKR 567 3pter-3p24.2 (gene list)  
259 TAK1 m M BAA11184 TAK1 m, (see AA314749 h) Other TAK1 597 NA  
260 TSK1 m M AAA99535 TSK1, tssk-1 Other TSK 364   335aa TSK2 m 76%
261 TSK2 h H NA TSK2 h, tssk-2, DGS-G; DiGeorge and velo-cardio-facial syndrome Other TSK   NA 336aa TSK1 m 77%
262 TSK3 m M est TSK3 m - full-length Other TSK   M 281aa TSK2 m 47%
263 TSK4 h H est TSK4 Other TSK   14p11.1-q11.1 (U) 75aa TSK1-h 52%
264   PKUa h  H BAA20561 PKUa h  Other TSL 719 17 (SHGC) PKUa h (MTT) 100% TSL at 60%
265 TSL1 h H BAA09486 TSL1 h Other TSL 549 2q24.1 (U)  
266 TTK h H AAA61239 PYT, MPS1? Other TTK 841 NA  
267 ULK1 h H NP 003556 ULK1 Other UNC 1050 NA 1054aa ULK1 m 89%; KIAA0623 h 52%; UNC51 ce 43%
268 ULK2 h H BAA31598 KIAA0623 h, ULK2 m (UNC-51 like kinase) Other UNC 1036 M 110aa KIAA0623 h 100% (92%na); ULK1 h 74%;
269   VRK1 h  H BAA19108  VRK1 h  vaccinia related kinase 1, similarity to vaccinia virus B1R kinase Other VRK 396 14q32 (gene list)  
270 51PK(L) m M AAC29497 VRK1 m? 51PK(L), 51PK(S) Other VRK 440 M ~100% 51PK(L) m;  VRK1 h  87% (229bp 86%); VRK2 h 44%
271 VRK2 h H BAA19109 VRK2 h Other VRK 508 2p16-2p15 (gene list) 273aa VRK2 h poor seq
272   MYT1 h H NP 004194 MYT1 h, membrane-associated tyrosine- and threonine-specific cdc2-inhibitory kinase Other WEE 499 NA MYT1 h  100% WEE1 h 59%
273 AC004918 H AAD04726 similar to wee1-like protein kinase; PAC clone DJ0894A10 Other WEE 541    
274 WEE1 h H CAA43979 WEE1 h Other WEE 646 11p15.3-p15.1  (OMIM)  
275 MPSK1 h H AAC28337 MPSK1, PKL12, PSK, EDPK, myristilated and palmitylated STK Other YPL236 sc 305 3cen-3q21 (gene list) 351aa YPL236c sc 29%; GAK h 29%; NEK1 m 28%
276 MPSK1psu h H psu MPSK1psuedogene Other YPL236 sc   NA 257aa MPSK1 h 77% w mult frameshifts
277 PKN r R BAA36362 PKN r C01C4.3 Other YWY3 ce 417    
278 NEK1 h H AAD42879 NEK1 h STE NEK 771 NA 223 aa NEK3 h P51956 58%; 250 aa NIMA en P11837 37%
279 NEK2 h H AAA19558 NEK2 h STE NEK 445 1q31-32.1 (U) 310 aa NIMA en (P11837) 40%
280 NEK3 h H P51956 NEK3 h, NIMA-related kinase NEK3 STE NEK 459 13q14.3 (U) 336/458 (73%) NEK3 m; 265 aa NEK1 m (P51954) 42%
281 NEK3a m M AF093416 NIMA-related kinase NEK3. March 99 STE NEK 511   336/458 (73%) NEK3 h
282 NEK4 h H SUGEN NEK4 h;  NEK4a,b; HPK1 incyte (WO98/11234) STE NEK   9q31-q32 (U) 235 aa F19H6.1 ce 73%;  244 aa NEK1 m (P51954) 39%
283 NEK5 h H SUGEN NEK5 h STE NEK   NA 256 aa NEK1 m (P51954) 37%
284 NEK6 h H BAA83000 NEK6 h STE NEK 863 NA 207aa AF052296 dm 68%; F35G12.3b  ce 44%; 292aa GAK h 40%
285 NRK2 h H NP 003148 NRK2 h, STK2, MSTK2 m, NEK4 m (AF099067.1) STE NEK 841 3p21.1 (gene list)  
286   MEKK3 h H AAB41729 MEKK3 h STE STE11 626 NA  
287   MEKK4a   h H AAB68804 MEKK4a   h, MTK1, KIAA0213 Similar to TFIIi-associated transactivator factor STE STE11 1607 6 (OMIM)  
288   MEKK5 h H AAC50894 MEKK5, ASK, MAPKKK5 h STE STE11 1374 6q22.33 (gene list)  
289   NIK h H CAA71306 NIK h, NF-kappaB inducing kinas, MAP3K-related kinase involved in NF-kappaB induction by TNF, CD95 and IL-1, NIK m (AF143094.1) STE STE11 947 17p21.1 (U)  
290 MEKK1 h H AAC97073 MEKK1 h STE STE11 1495 5 (gene list)  
291 MEKK2 m M AAB03536 MEKK2 m STE STE11 619 M 288aa MEK2 m 83%, 930bp 91%
292 MEKK6 H NP 004663 MEKK6 h, ASK2 m apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 2 STE STE11 1011    
293 YSK4 m M AAB61531 YSK4 m STE STE11 65 M 65aa - MEKK3 h   46.2%;   40.7%
294 MST3 h H AAB82560 MST3, STLK1 STE STE20-01 431 13q32.1-22 MST3 h 100% STE20 h 89%
295 STE20 h H BAA20420 YSK1, SOK STE STE20-01 426 2q34-37.2 (U)  
296 STLK2 H SUGEN STLK2, (STE20-like kinase2) STE STE20-01   Xq25-27.1  
297 STLK3 H AAC72238 STLK3, PASK r, SPAK m (AF099988) STE STE20-01 547    
298 STLK4 H SUGEN STLK4, (STE20-like kinase4) STE STE20-01      
299 STLK5 H SUGEN STLK5, (STE20-like kinase5) STE STE20-01   17q23.2-24.2  
300 STLK6 h H SUGEN STLK6 h, (STE20-like kinase6) STE STE20-01   2q32.2-q33.3 243aa STLK5 h 50%
301 STLK7 h H SUGEN STLK7 h, (STE20-like kinase7) STE STE20-01   NA 102aa STLK3 h=SPAK h (AF099989) 86% (311bp 75%)
302 PAK1 h H AAA65441 PAK1, PAK-A m, alpha-PAK, p65-PAK, MUK2 r, p68PAK STE STE20-02 545 11q13-11q14 (gene list)  
303 PAK2 h H AAA65442 PAK2, p65-PAK STE STE20-02 525 NA  
304 PAK3 h H AAC36097 PAK3, bPAK, PAK65, Gamma-PAK, p21-activated kinase3 STE STE20-02 544 Xq21.3-q24 (OMIM) hPAK65  h 95%
305 PAK4 h H SUGEN PAK4 STE STE20-02      
306 PAK5 h H CAA09820 PAK5 STE STE20-02 591    
307 PAK6 h H CAA21067 PAK6 Genomic clones STE STE20-02 138   136aa PAK5 81%, PAK4 h 74%, PAK3 h 53%
308 ZC1 h H NP 004825 ZC1, NIK m, HPK/GCK-like, KIAA0687 STE STE20-03 1165/1239    
309 ZC2 h H BAA25477 ZC2, KIAA0551 STE STE20-03 1333/1297    
310 ZC3 h H SUGEN ZC3 STE STE20-03 1326    
311 ZC4 h H SUGEN ZC4 STE STE20-03   Xq22  
312   HPK1 h  H AAB97983 HPK1 h  STE STE20-04 833    
313 BL44 h H AAA20968 BL44, GCK, Rab8 interacting protein STE STE20-04 819 11q13 (OMIM)  
314 KHS1 h H AAB48435 KHS1 h, kinase homologous to SPS1/STE20 STE STE20-04 846    
315 KHS2 h H NP 003609 KHS2 h, RAB8IPL1 (rab8 interacting protein-like 1) STE STE20-04 884    
316  GEK2 h H NP 005981 GEK2 h, GEK1 m, LOK, PLKK1 xl STE STE20-05 968 NA 11/98  
317  SLK h H BAA13195 SLK h STE STE20-05 1152 16p13.3 253aa SLK h KIAA0204 h
318 SULU1 h H SUGEN SULU1 STE STE20-06      
319 SULU2 h H BAA74904 KIAA0881 h, TAO2 r, SULU2, protate-derived STE20-like kinase PSK STE STE20-06 1049   1050aa SULU3 h 70%; 921aa SULU1 64%, 970aa SULU ce 37%
320 SULU3 r H AAC71014 SULU3, TAO1 r STE STE20-06 1001 17p11.2 (gene list)  
321 MST1 h H AAB17262 MST1, KRS-2 STE STE20-07 487 19q13.1-q13.2 (Ref  Katoh)  
322 MST2 h H AAC50386 MST2 h STE STE20-07 491 8q21.3-q23 (U)  
323 CDC7 h H AAC52080 CDC7 h STE STE20-08 574 1q12-1p13.3 (U)  
324 MEK1 h H NP 002746 MEK1, MKK1, MAPKK1 STE STE7 393 15q22.1-q22.33 (OMIM)  
325 MEK2 h H P36507 MEK2 STE STE7 400   501bp MEK2 h 98%
326 MEK5 h H AAA96146 MEK5 h STE STE7 438 NA  
327 MEK6 h H AAC50389 MEK6, MKK6, SAPKK3  STE STE7 334 17q22 (U)  
328 MKK3 h H AAB40652 MKK3, MEK3 STE STE7 347 17q11.2 (OMIM)  
329 MKK7a h H AAC26142 MKK7a ,  SAPKK4, SAPKK5, JNKK2 STE STE7 419 19ptel (U)  
330 MPK3b h H P46734 MKK3, MPK3, MAPKK3b, SAPKK2 STE STE7 347 NA 334aa MPK6 h 80%; MPK4 h 49%
331 MPK4 h H AAC41719 MPK4, MKK4, SEK1, MEK4, JNKK, SAPKK1 STE STE7 399 17p11.2 (gene list)  
332 BLK h H AAB33265 B lymphoid Tyr kin TK CTK-01 505 8p23-8p22 (gene list)  
333 FGR h H AAA52451 FGR h TK CTK-01 529 1p36.1-36.2  
334 FYN h H NP 002028 FYN, Slk, Syn TK CTK-01 537 6q21  (OMIM)  
335 HCK h H P08631 HCK, Bmk TK CTK-01 526 20q11-20q12 (gene list)  
336 LCK h H P06239 LCK, Tkl TK CTK-01 509 1p35-1p34.3 (gene list)  
337 LYN h H NP 002341 LYN h TK CTK-01 513 8q11-12 (ref, corey)  
338 SRC h H P12931 SRC h TK CTK-01 543 20q11.2-q13 (MIM)  
339 YES h H AAA35735 YES h TK CTK-01 543 18p11.3  (OMIM) (pseudo CHR 22)  
340 FERpsu h H psu FER pseudogene, SuCTK04 TK CTK-01p   pseudo 73aa FER m 72%
341 FYNpsu h M psu FYN pseudo TK CTK-01p   M 184aa  - FYN h   62.7%;   62.8%;
342 BRK h H CAA55295 BRK, Cck3, PTK6 TK CTK-02 451 NA  
343 FRK h H NP 002022 FRK, MKK3, Tk1, Rak, IYK m, BSK m, GTK r TK CTK-02 505 NA  
344 SAD h H SUGEN SAD h TK CTK-02   NA  
345 SRM m M Q62270 SRM TK CTK-02 496    
346   TXK h  H AAA74557 TXK, Rlk TK CTK-03 527 4p12 (gene list) 257aa TXK h  100% TXK m 88%;  TEC m 68%
347 BMX h H CAA58169 Bmx, MKK2 TK CTK-03 675 Xp22.2 (gene list)  
348 BTK h H Q06187 BTK, Atk, Bpk, Bruton agammaglobulinemia TK CTK-03 659 Xq21.33-q22 (gene list)  
349 ITK h H NP 005537 ITK, Lyk, Tsk, Emt, IL2-inducible T-cell kinase TK CTK-03 620 5q31-5q32  
350 TEC h H NP 003206 TEC h TK CTK-03 631 4p12 (gene list)  
351 CSK h H P41240 CSK TK CTK-04 450 15q23-q25 (LocusLink)  
352 CTK h H P42679 CTK, Mkk1, MATK, Hyl, Lsk, Ntk TK CTK-04 505 19p13.3 (gene list)  
353 ABL h H P00519 ABL h TK CTK-05 1130    
354 ARG h H NP 005149 ARG h TK CTK-05 1182 1q24-q25  (OMIM)  
355 SYK h H P43405 SYK, spleen tyr kinase TK CTK-06 635 9q22 (gene list)  
356 ZAP70 h H P43403 ZAP70 h TK CTK-06 619 2q11-2q13 (gene list)  
357 FER h H NP 005237 FER, Flk TK CTK-07 822 5q12-21 (gene list)  
358 FES h H P07332 FES, FPS TK CTK-07 822 15q26.1  (OMIM)  
359 FAK h H Q05397 PTK2 TK CTK-08 1052 8q24 (OMIM)  
360 PYK2 h H NP 004094 FAK2, CAKb, RAFTK, PTK2B TK CTK-08 1009 8p21.1 (gene list)  
361 JAK1 h H NP 002218 JAK1 h TK CTK-09 1142 1p32.3-1p31.3 (gene list)  
362 JAK2 h H NP 004963 JAK2 h TK CTK-09 1132 9p24 (gene list)  
363 JAK3 h H NP 000206 JAK3 h TK CTK-09 1124 19p13.1 (gene list)  
364 TYK2 h H NP 003322 TYK2 h TK CTK-09 1187 19p13.2 (gene list)  
365 ACK h H NP 005772 ACK, Pyk1 TK CTK-10 1091    
366 TNK1 h H AAC50427 TNK1 h, ACK2 TK CTK-10 666 NA  
367 EGFR h H NP 005219 EGFR, ErbB TK RTK-01 1210 7p12.3-p12.1  (OMIM)  
368 HER2 h H NP 004439 HER2, ErbB2 TK RTK-01 1255 17q21.2  (OMIM)  
369 HER3 h H NP 001973 HER3, ErbB3 TK RTK-01 1342 12q13 (Entrez)  
370 HER4 h H NP 005226 HER4, ErbB4 TK RTK-01 1308 2q33.3-q34  (OMIM)  
371 IGF1R h H NP 000866 IGF1R h TK RTK-02 1367 15q25-q26  (OMIM)  
372 INSR h H P06213 INSR h TK RTK-02 1382 19p13.2  (OMIM)  
373 IRR h H P14616 IRR h TK RTK-02 1268 Chr.1 (OMIM)  
374 CSFR h H P07333 CSFR h TK RTK-03 972 5q33.2-q33.3 (U)  
375 KIT h H NP 000213 KIT h TK RTK-03 976 4q12 (U)  
376 PDGFRa h H NP 006197 PDGFRa h TK RTK-03 1089 Chr.11, D11S1357-D11S1765  
377 PDGFRb h H NP 002600 PDGFRb h TK RTK-03 1106 5q31-q32 (U)  
378 FLK2 h H NP 004110 FLK2, Flt3, STK1 TK RTK-04 993 M  
379 FLT1 h H NP 002010 FLT1 h TK RTK-04 1338 13q12 (gene list)  
380 FLT4 h H P35916 FLT4 h TK RTK-04 1298 5q34-5q35 (gene list)  
381 KDR h H AAB88005 KDR, FLK1, NYK TK RTK-04 1356 4q12 (gene list)  
382 FGFR1 h H P11362 FGFR1, FLG, CEK1 TK RTK-05 822 8p11.2-8p11.1 (gene list)  
383 FGFR2 h H NP 000132 FGFR2, BEK, KSAM, KSAMI, Cek3 TK RTK-05 821 10q25.3-10q26 (gene list)  
384 FGFR3 h H NP 000133 FGFR3, CEK2 TK RTK-05 806 4p16.3 (gene list)  
385 FGFR4 h H NP 002002 FGFR4 h TK RTK-05 802 5q35.1-5qter (gene list)  
386 FGFR3pse m M psu FGFR3pseudo m TK RTK-05p   M 266aa - FGFR3 h  66%;
387 CCK4 h H AAA87565 CCK4, KLG TK RTK-06 1070  6p21.1-p12.2  
388 MET h H NP 000236 MET h TK RTK-07 1408 7q31  (OMIM)  
389 RON h H NP 002438 RON, MST1R, CCK1, MDK3 TK RTK-07 1400 3p21.3 (gene list)  
390 TRKA h H NP 002520 NTRK1 TK RTK-08 796 1q21-1q22 (gene list)  
391 TRKB h H NP 006171 TRKB TK RTK-08 822 9q22.1 (gene list)  
392 TRKC h H NP 002521 TRKC h TK RTK-08 825 15q24-15q25 (gene list)  
393   MER h  H NP 006334 MER, TYRO12, c-ryk, EYK?? TK RTK-09 999 2q12 (U)  
394 AXL h H NP 001690 AXL, ARK, UFO TK RTK-09 885 19q13.1 (gene list)  
395 TYRO3 h H NP 006284 TYRO3, Sky, Rse, Tif, Brt, DTK TK RTK-09 882 15q15.1-15q21.1 (gene list)  
396 ZPK h H AAC41766 ZPK h TK RTK-09 600 L08961 = c-mer  
397 Tyro3psu h H psu Tyro3psu h TK RTK-09p   NA 274aa Tyro3 h 86%
398 TEK h H NP 000450 TEK, TIE2, HPK-6 TK RTK-10 1124 9p21 (gene list)  
399 TIE h H NP 005415 TIE h TK RTK-10 1138 1p34-p33  (OMIM)  
400 EphA1 h H  NP 005223 EphA1, Eph, Esk TK RTK-11 984 7q32-7q36 (gene list)  
401 EphA2 h H NP 004422 EphA2, Eck, Myk2, Sek2 TK RTK-11 976 1p36.1 (gene list)  
402 EphA3 h H NP 005224 EphA3, Cek4, Mek4, Hek, Tyro4, Hek4 TK RTK-11 983 3p11.2 (gene list)  
403 EphA4 h H NP 004429 EphA4, Sek, Sek1, Cek8, Hek8, Tyro1 TK RTK-11 986 NA  
404 EphA5 h H P54756 EphA5, Ehk1, Bsk, Cek7, Hek7, Rek7 TK RTK-11 1037 NA  
405 EphA6 m M Q62413 EphA6, Ehk2,Hek12 TK RTK-11 1035 m M 314aa - EphA7 h  71.0%
406 EphA7 h H NP 004431 EphA7, Mdk1, Hek11, Ehk3, Ebk, Cek11 TK RTK-11 998 6q14-15 (U)  
407 EphA8 m M O09127 EphA8, Eek, Hek3 TK RTK-11 1004 m 1 (gene list) 260aa EphA7 h  74.1%
408 EphB1 h H NP 004432 EphB1, Elk, Cek6, Net, Hek6 TK RTK-11 984 3q21-3q23 (gene list)  
409 EphB2 h H NP 004433 EphB2, Cek5, Nuk, Erk, Qek5, Tyro5, Sek3, Hek5, Drt TK RTK-11 987 1p36.1 (gene list)  
410 EphB3 h H NP 004434 EphB3, Cek10, Hek2, Mdk5, Tyro6, Sek4 TK RTK-11 998 3q21-3qter (gene list)  
411 EphB4 h H NP 004435 EphB4, Htk, Myk1, Tyro11, Mdk2 TK RTK-11 987 7 (gene list)  
412 EphB5 c C Q07497 EphB5, Cek9, Hek9 TK RTK-11 1002 C  
413 EphB6 h H NP 004436 EphB6, Mep TK RTK-11 1006 7q33-7q35 (gene list)  
414 RYK h H P34925 RYK, Vik, Nykr TK RTK-12 604 3q22 (gene list)  
415 DDR h H Q08345 DDR, MCK10, Cak, Nep, MPK-6 TK RTK-13 913 6p21.3 (OMIM) or 6q16 (LocusLink)  
416 RTK40 R AF016247 RTK40 homolog, tyro10 TK RTK-13 168   137/155 (88%) TYRO10 m; 660/726 (90%)
417 TYRO10 h H NP 006173 TYRO10, DDR2, Tkt, Cck2 TK RTK-13 855 1q21-1q23 (gene list)  
418 ROS h H NP 002935 ROS h TK RTK-14 2347 6q22 (U)  
419 RET h H P07949 RET h TK RTK-15 1114 10q11.2 (OMIM)  
420 ALK h H NP 004295 Anaplastic lymphoma kinase TK RTK-16 1620 2p23 (gene list)  
421 LTK h H P29376 LTK h TK RTK-16 864 15q15.1-15q15.2 (gene list)  
422 ROR1 h H NP 005003 ROR1 h, neurotrophic tyrosine kinase, receptor-related 1 TK RTK-17 937    
423 ROR2 h H NP 004551 ROR2 h, NTRKR2, neurotrophic tyrosine kinase, receptor-related 2 TK RTK-17 943 9q21.3 (U)  
424 MUSK h H NP 005583 MUSK, NSK2, NP-1, Mdk4, Torpedo, MLK1 TK RTK-18 869 9q31.3-9q32 (gene list)  
425 LMR1 h H NP 004911 LMR1 h, KIAA0641, apoptosis-associated tyrosine kinase TK RTK-19 1207+ NA  
426 LMR2 h H BAA83031 LMR2 h, KIAA1079 TK RTK-19 1454+ 7q21.3-22.1  
427 LMR3 h H   LMR3 h TK RTK-19   NA  
428 RTK106 h H   SuRTK106 h TK RTK-20   12p12.3 (Shirley)