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Ubiquitination : Ubiquitin ligase E3
E3 Species Substrate E2 Description
Ubr1 S. cerevisiae   Ubc2/Rad6 involved in N-term rule
Ubr2 S. cerevisiae     homologous to
Rad18 S. cerevisiae   Ubc2/Rad6 DNA binding
Npi1/Rsp5 S. cerevisiae Fur4, RNA polII large subunit   essential, hect domain, homologous to Nedd-4
Ufd4 S. cerevisiae     hect domain, multi-ubiquitination, 170kD
Tom1 S. cerevisiae     involved in G2/M progression, hect domain, 380kD
Pub1 S. pombe Cdc25   homologous to Nedd-4
p100 rat      
HYD Drospphila      
E6-AP human   Ubc5 subfamily hect domain, Angelman syndrome
Nedd-4 mouse, human   UbcH5B family hect domain, homologous to Pub1
E3RS-IkBalpha human IkB alpha UbcH5C  
Cdc53 S. cerevisiae Sic1, Cln    
Hct4 S. pombe      
Hct5 S. pombe      
APC human, xenopus M cyclin, Cut2, Pds1 UbcP4 subfamily, Ubc family, UBC-x/E2-c 20S complex including Cdc27, Cdc16 and Cdc23
SCF/Cdc53 complex S. cerevisiae Sic1, Cln Cdc34