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Checkpoint : Nucleotide Spindle Checkpoint
S. cerevisiae S. pombe Human Structure and Function Description
MAD1     coiled-coil kinase substrate, interacts with Mad2 and Cdc20
MAD2 mad2 MAD2 prenyltransferase aipha subunit kinetochore, interacts with Mad1 and Cdc20
MAD3       interacts with Cdc20
BUB1   BUB1 (2q12-13) protein kinase kinetochore, phosphorylate Bub3
    BUBR1 protein kinase kinetochore, interacts with Bub1
BUB2 cdc16   GAP  
BUB3   BUB3 WD repeat, 37kD kinetochore, interacts with Bub1
MPS1(monopolar spindle) mph TTK? protein kinase  
CDC20 Slp1   WD-repeat inhibited by interaction with Mad1, 2 and 3
Hct1/Cdh1     WD-repeat  
Nucleotide Spindle Checkpoint
Signal in S. cerevisiae
Bub1, Bub3, Mad2
Bub2, Mad3
Mitotic arrest