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DNA Replication : Initiation of DNA Replication
Family name S. cerevisiae S. pombe Human Mw (kD) Chromosome Xenopus Drosophila Description
ORC1 ORC1 orp1 ORC1Hs   1p32 XORC1 DmORC1 ATP binding motif, ATPase act.
ORC2 ORC2 orp2 ORC2Hs   2q33 XORC2 DmORC2 ATP binding motif
ORC3 ORC3 orp3 ORC3Hs     XORC3 DmORC3 ATP binding motif
ORC4 ORC4 orp4 ORC4Hs 45   XORC4 DmORC4 ATP binding motif
ORC5 ORC5 orp5 ORC5Hs   7q22 XORC5 DmORC5 ATP binding motif
ORC6 ORC6/AAP1 orp6       XORC6    
CDC6 CDC6 (513 a.a.) cdc18 (577 a.a.) CDC6Hs         ATP/GTP binding motif
CDC45 CDC45   CDC45Hs 566a.a. 22q11.2      
CDC7 CDC7 (508 a.a.) Hsk1 (508 a.a.) CDC7Hs 574 a.a.   xcdc7   protein kinase catalytic subunit
Dbf4 Dbf4 (695 a.a.) Him1 (545 a.a.) H37 674 a.a.       protein kinase regulatory subunit
MCM2 MCM2 nda1/cdc19 MCM2/BG28     xMCM2 (886 a.a.) DmMCM2 associates with Histone H3
MCM3 MCM3 mcm3 MCM3/P1     XMCM3 (807 a.a.)    
MCM4 CDC54 cdc21 MCM4/mcdc21     Xcdc21 (858 a.a.) Dpa component of replicative helicase complex?
MCM5 CDC46/MCM5 nda4 MCM5/mCDC46     xMCM5 (735 a.a.) DmCDC46  
MCM6 - mis5 MCM6     xMCM6 (821 a.a.)   component of replicative helicase complex?
MCM7 CDC47/MIS1   MCM7/P1.1     xMCM7 (720 a.a.)   component of replicative helicase complex?
MCM10 MCM10/DNA43 cdc23