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DNA replication : Elongation of DNA replication
S. cerevisiae Mw (kDa)   S.pombe Human Mw (kDa) Chromosome Description
POL1/CDC17 180 essential   DNA pol alpha catalytic subunit 185   DNA polymerase
POL10 86 essential   accessory protein 68    
PRI2 58 essential   accessory protein 54 6p11.1-12 involved in nuclear transport of p46
PRI1 48 essential   DNA primase 46 12q13.3 DNA primase
POL2 256 essential   DNA pol epsilon catalytic subunit 225 12q24.3 DNA polymerase, 3'-5' exonuclease
DPB2 80 essential   accessory protein   14q21-22 DPB11 is multicopy suppressor of dbp2
DPB3 34 non-essential   accessory protein     NTP binding
DPB3 30 non-essential   accessory protein     NTP binding
DPB4 29 ?          
POL3/CDC2 125 essential   DNA pol delta catalytic subunit 125 19q13.3-13.4 DNA polymerase, 3'-5' exonuclease
HYS2 56 ?   accessory protein   7  
POL30   essential pcn1 PCNA 34 20p12 DNA pol delta auxiliary protein, movable clamp
RFA1 70     RFA1/RPA1 70 17p13.3 SSB
RFA2 34     RFA2/RPA2 34 1p35 SSB
RFA3 13     RFA3/RPA3 11 7p22 SSB
RFC1/Cdc44       hRFC140 128 . DNA dependent ATPase complex, large subunit of RFC, clamp loader
RFC2       hRFC37 40 7q11.23 DNA dependent ATPase complex, clamp loader
RFC3       hRFC36 38 13q12.3-13 DNA dependent ATPase complex, clamp loader
RFC4       hRFC40 37 3q27 DNA dependent ATPase complex, clamp loader
RFC5       hRFC38 36 12q24.2-24.3 DNA dependent ATPase complex, clamp loader
DNA2?       DNA2Hs?   10q21.3-22.1 replicative DNA helicase?? required for processing Okazaki fragment
FEN1/Rad27       Fen1 42 11q12-13 flap endonuclease
RNase H       RNase H 68-90   RNase H
CDC9       DNA ligase I 102   Replicative DNA ligase
TOP1     top1 DNA topoisomerase I 100   single strand break and rejoining
TOP2     top2 DNA topoisomerase II alpha 170   involved in chromosome segregation
        DNA topoisomerase II beta 180   involved in transcription?
TOP3 656 a.a.     DNA topoisomerase III 976 a.a.   involved in chromsome stability, DNA recombinaton and repair
TOP4/Spo11?       ?     involved in meiosis?