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CDCs : S. pombe
S. pombe S. cerevisiae Human Drosophila Description
cdc1 HYS2 DNA pol delta small subunit   DNA pol delta small subunit
cdc2 cdc28 cdc2Hs/cdk1   protein kinase
cdc3       prophilin (actin-binding protein), essential for cytokinesis
cdc5   c-Myb?   c-Myb like transcription factor
cdc6/DNA pol III   DNA pol delta catalytic subunit   DNA pol delta catalytic subunit
cdc7       protein kinase, genetic interaction with cdc11, cdc14 and cdc16
cdc8       topolomyosine
cdc10 Swi6     transcription factor, forming Res1/Cdc10, Res2/Cdc10/Rep2 and Res2/Cdc10/Rep1
cdc12 BNI1     prophilin interacting protein, required for cytokinesis, component of cell division ring
cdc13   cyclinB   B-type cyclin
cdc14       required for septum formation
cdc15       key element in the reorgarnization of F-actin, contains coiled-colil at N-ter, SH3 domain
cdc16 Bub2     GAP
cdc17 CDC9 DNA ligase I   DNA ligase
cdc18 CDC6 CDC6Hs   involved in initiation of DNA replication
cdc19/nda1 MCM2 MCM2/BG28 DmMCM2  
cdc20 POL2 DNA pol epsilon catalytic subunit   DNA polymerase epsilon
cdc21 CDC54 MCM4    
cdc22       ribonucleotide reductase
cdc23 MCM10/DNA43 - -  
cdc24       required for chromosome integrity, genetically interact with RFC and PCNA
cdc25   cdc25A, B, C   tyrosil protein phophatase
cdc27       required for the G2-M transition
cdc28       RNA dependent ATPase/helicase