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Repair : Base Excision Repair
Genes/Protein Function Chromosome Phenotype of KO mouse
UDG Uracil DNA glycosylase 12q23-24.1  
AAG/MPG alkyl-adenine DNA glycosylase 16p-ter normal
TDG Thymine(T:G)-missmatch DNA glycosylase 12q24.1  
hMYH Adenine DNA glycosylase (8-oxoguanine : Adenine) 1p32.1-34.3  
hOGG1 8-oxo-guanine DNA glycosylase 3p25  
hNTH1 Thymine glycol DNA glycosylase 16p13.2-13.3  
PARP poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase 1q41-42 low weight, hypersensitive to gamma-ray
APEX/Ref1/HAP1/APE 5'AP endnuclease, DNA 3'-repair diesterase 14q11.2-12 fetal-lethal at E5
Pol beta DNA polymerase 8p11-12 fetal-lethal at E10.5
Pol delta catalytic subunit DNA polymerase 19q13.3-13.4  
Pol delta small subunit DNA polymerase accessory protein 7  
Pol epsilon catalytic subunit DNA polymerase 12q24.3  
Pol epsilon small subunit DNA polymerase accessory protein 14q21-22  
PCNA DNA pol delta auxiliary protein, clamp 20p12  
FEN1 5'-flap endnuclease 11q12-13  
XRCC1 LIG3 binding protein 19q13.2  
LIG1 DNA ligase 19q13.2-13.3 fetal-lethal at ~E6.5
LIG3 DNA ligase 17q11.2-12 fetal-lethal at ~E11.5